Frequently Asked Questions


What material are the kids playhouses made of?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

Our outdoor playhouses are made entirely of high-quality nordic spruce solid wood. For durability in any weather, the outdoor playhouses are topped with metal roofs.

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

Our DIY playhouse kits are made of entirely of high-quality nordic spruce solid wood. Roofing materials are not included in the DIY kits.

Can the playhouses be in rain, sun, snow and wind?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

Yes! Our outdoor playhouses are meant to be outdoor playhomes for your children, thus they are made to endure all elements. To make that happen, we have finished the houses with wood preservatives and weatherproof colors. For the best durability in different climates, we use metal roofing that will last through rain, hail, snow and sunshine. We are suggesting once a year reapply playhouse terrace.

* Natural Wonder comes untreated and should be stained or colored before placing outside. If you are not sure which treatment to choose, please consult your local hardware store or contact us.

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

Our DIY kit playhouses come untreated and without roofing material so that you can choose the design and colors of your new kids playhouse. After treating the outdoor playhouse with the appropriate paints and adding roofing material, the playhouse will endure all elements and last for years to come.

As all our playhouses are made of premium quality Nordic spruce which has a smooth surface, it is easy to paint the playhouse with a uniform paint layer that will look nice and protect your new playhouse. If you are not sure which treatment to choose, please consult your local hardware store or contact us.

Do I need to make a foundation for my playhouse?

For long lifetime and stability, we recommend preparing a foundation for your outdoor or DIY playhouse kit playhouse. It is important that the foundation is levelled (providing stability for the playhouse) and at minimum the size of the playhouse surface. The foundation does not have to have concrete footing. A playhouse needs a stable and level base. An existing base - patio, porch or other level and hard surface - is suitable. Concrete slabs, poles, plastic adjustable supports or lightweight construction blocks are also excellent foundations.

An existing level and hard surface- patio or a porch

Kids playhouse slab is level porch by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Plastic adjustable supports- Eurotec

Kids Playhouse foundation from plastic supports by WholeWoodPlayhouses
The plastic support for kids playhouse slab by WholeWoodPlayhouses


Kids outdoor playhouse slab made from peavers by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Lightweight concrete deck blocks

Lightweight concrete deck blocks
Wooden outdoor playhouse slab made from lightweight concrete blocksby WholeWoodPlayhouses
Kids playhouse slab on lightweight concrete deck blocks

Concrete slab

Outdoor playhouse slab made from concrete by WholeWoodPlayhouses

What makes the outdoor playhouse weatherproof?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

Our outdoor playhouses come standard with a metal roof, weathertight windows and are finished with durable weatherproof paint in both standard and custom colors.

* Please note that the Natural Wonder comes ready for paint, stain or a clear water seal preservative.

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

DIY Playhouse kits coming untreated and also without roofing materials and thus should be treated and given a weather proof roof before they can endure the outside elements.

What is included in the playhouse package?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

The package includes an easy-to-follow manual and 7 painted & decorated panels (everything that is included in a panel is already assembled to it. You only need to put the panel up):

  • - Front side panel with a small door and two opening windows with safety glass, curtain rails and curtains*. Attachments for flower boxes.**
  • - Two side panels: one with a large door and other with a safety glass window and curtain rail. The side panels are interchangeable – you can choose on which side you want a door or a window.
  • - Back side panel.
  • - Lacquered solid wood floor panel.
  • - Two roof panels with metal top layers.
  • - Ridge gap for the roof.
  • - Loft floor, safety fence and a ladder
  • - Assembly manual for the house & torx 25 head for your drill.
  • - Furniture (a bench, a table and two chairs)
  • - Assembly manual and screws for the furniture.
  • - Terrace
  • - All necessary building and safety elements like screws and loft supports
  • - Fence for the terrace**
  • - Flower boxes**

* Natural Wonder comes without wood treatments and decorations on the outside of the playhouse and without curtains (curtain rail is included).

** Flower-boxes, attachments for flower boxes and terrace fence are included only in the models that have the items in their original design.

Kids Playhouse layout by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

Our DIY playhouse kit packages include the panels and features respective to the DIY playhouse kit model that you chose, an easy-to-follow manual with a list of included parts and bags with fitting screws and nails.

Please note that roofing materials, foundation materials and anchors for anchoring the house to the base surface are not included in the DIY playhouse kit.


How big is the package and what does it look like?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

Your playhouse will be delivered to you in a 100”x 42"x 82"(L x W x H) package that weighs approximately 600 lbs up to 1800 lbs. The package is wrapped in plastic film and plywood to protect the product from damage during transport. For easy assembly and safety, all the panels and other items can be unpacked one by one.

Package of a kids playhouses ready for shipment
Package of a kids playhouse inside view

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

The size of your new DIY playhouse kit depends on the outdoor playhouse model that you chose. If you are unsure if you have space where to store it before painting and assembly, contact us via and we will let you know the size and weight of the package.

Package of a kids wooden DIY playhouse kit ready for shipment

Is the roof included in the playhouse package?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

Yes, our custom-made metal roofs are an integral part of making the outdoor playhouses durable and thus are always included in the package.

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

The roof itself is included in the DIY playhouse kit packages, but not the roofing material. In order for the roof to endure the outside elements, suitable roofing material has to be attached.

What is the roof made of?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

Our outdoor playhouses are covered with custom made metal roofs with white color to make sure that the roof fits for all climates and does not overheat in hot summers.

Outdoor Playhouse Bluebird close up of white metal roof by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

Our DIY playhouse kits have solid wood roofs made of premium nordic spruce. Please note that roofing material is not included in the DIY playhouse kit.

Can I open the playhouse windows?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

Yes, all our outdoor playhouses have opening safety-glass windows to let in fresh air and to complete the feel of a real playhome.

 Girl looking out of outdoor playhouse Unicorn window by WholeWoodPlayhouses
Close up of white and black Outdoor Playhouse open safety glass window by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

All DIY playhouse kit outdoor playhouses have plexiglass windows which cannot be opened.

Can I order my playhouse in a different color?

Yes, we are happy to paint the house in your preferred color, but due to extra work, additional fees will apply and will differ between the different playhouse types. Please write to us about your wish at via and we will get back to you with a quote.

What age children are your playhouses built for?

Our playhouses are built for children age 3 and up with a weight limit of 110 pounds.


How can I assemble my outdoor kids playhouse?

The houses come in prefabricated panels and with an assembly manual. No prior-knowledge is required for a successful and quick in 2 hour assembly. We advise to assemble our kids playhouses with two people. Check out the assembly video below:

How long does the assembly take?

Outdoor Kids Playhouses

Thanks to our innovative panels, full assembly of our wooden outdoor kids playhouses takes 2 hours!

DIY Playhouse Kit Kids Playhouses

The assembly time of the DIY playhouse kit depends on the size and complexity of the model, but on average takes around 6 hours or one day.

Does the DIY or outdoor playhouse come with a manual?

Yes! Every DIY or outdoor playhouse has an easy to follow manual to help you with the assembly.


What are the swing & playsets made of?

All swing set and playset wooden structures are made of premium Nordic solid wood

Can the playsets & swing sets be outside?

Yes, we sell only outdoor swings sets and playsets for kids, thus all of them can be outside.

Can the playsets & swings stay in rain, sun and snow?

All our swings and playsets are meant for outdoor use, so they are designed to withstand all weather conditions apart from extreme situations (such as extreme storms, hurricanes, floods). To make sure that your kids swing or playset is always in good condition, please oil the moving parts and check the structure once a year to detect any unusual and unwanted wear.

Do I have to treat or paint the swing sets & playsets?

Unless you want your swings set or playset in a different color, there is no reason to paint it. We have all swings and playsets treated to withstand outdoor environments.

Can I assemble the swing or playset easily myself?

Yes, you can! Make sure that you have a friend or a partner to assemble the swing or playset together, and the assembly will prove to be a short and fun activity with our easy-to-follow assembly manual.

If you are not convinced that assembling a swing or playset is something that you want to do, please send a request with your zip code and city via and we will get back to you with a quote.

What do I need for my swing set or playset assembly?

To assure the integrity of the product and to make the assembly easier, we recommend assembling your swing or playset with a partner and not alone. To successfully assemble your new kids swing or playset, you should have a spirit level, saw, hand-drill, screwdriver, tape measurer, pencil, stair ladder, wrench, file and anchors. We strongly advise using protective gloves and safety glasses during the assembly, because unfortunately none of us is immune to splinters and saw dust!

* Pro-tip: drill a holes before screwing the screws in to be sure that no cracks appear in the wood.

All our swing sets and playsets are easy to assemble without any prior-knowledge, but in case you do not wish to assemble it yourself, please send a request with your zip code and city via and we will get back to you with a quote.

Which ages are the swing & playsets meant for and which weight can the handle?

Every parent knows their kids the best and thus also knows if they are old or young enough to use one of our swing or playsets. We recommend our swings and playsets to be used by 3 to 14-year-olds with weight under 110lbs. Please check your product manual to see how many kids can use the set at one time. We also advise to supervise your kids while they use the swing or playset to avoid any injuries.


How big is the furniture?

All furniture that comes with our kids´ playhouses are in kids size, but fits adults as well. Please note that the advised weight limit for using the furniture is 70lbs. Please refer to our Kids Furniture to see the specific sizes of all furniture pieces.

Two boys playing inside of kids playhouse

Can I leave the furniture outside?

All our furniture, except Natural Wonder furniture, is painted with weather-proof colors and can stay outside in rain or sun. Natural Wonder model is a DIY kids playhouse and the accompanying furniture is also not painted so that you can paint it with kids in colors that you have together chosen.

What color is the furniture?

Every furniture set comes in matching colors to the playhouse. The furniture set with Natural Wonder comes without color so that you can color as you wish. Please note that the natural furniture set with Natural Wonder required treatment to make it last longer. All other colored furniture sets have been treated to ensure long life-time.

Visit our Playhouses or Kids Furniture page to see the furniture colors of each playhouse.

Can I order furniture in different colors?

We can color the furniture in your preferred color, dependent on the product extra costs may occur. Please write to us about your wish on and we will get back to you right away.

Can I repaint the furniture?

Yes, you can repaint the furniture. All our furniture, besides Natural Wonder furniture, is painted with water-based weather-proof colors. If you are not sure, which type of paint to buy, please consult with your paint seller and he can show you the compatible paint types to our water-based colors.

How much weight can the furniture hold?

We advise to use the furniture for up to 70lbs weights.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver our outdoor playhouses, swing sets and playsets within the United States excluding Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam for free. Please contact us by phone at 800-660-4430 or by email at to ask about deliveries outside of our usual delivery region.

How fast can you deliver?

We process your order right after receiving a cleared payment, but the exact delivery time depends on the kids playhouse, swing or playset model. Please refer to the expected delivery time of your chosen playhouse at the product page of that playhouse (you can find it right above “add to cart” button).

Do you offer free delivery?

Yes! We deliver all our kids playhouses, outdoor swings and playsets for free within the United States excluding Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam. If you are interested in ordering a playhouse to somewhere else, please send your details via email at and we will get back to you with a quote.

How do you deliver the package?

Our standard shipping method within the U.S. (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam) is Less Than Truckload (LTL) Delivery. Deliveries are weekdays Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm based on the time window that they have asked from you via phone.

Please note that the package will be delivered to your driveway, parking lot or any other location to where the driver can safely back the truck up. You will be responsible for unloading the items directly from the truck. Please ensure that you have the proper equipment and people available to assist in moving the product inside a building such as a garage, house or business or onto a prepared outdoor space.

For more details go to our Shipping Policy Page.


What if the package arrives damaged?

Always check for damages on the package before accepting the delivery. If the package has visible damages you have Two Choices:

Refuse the Order. If you choose to Refuse the Order, take pictures and write, “Damaged” on the delivery receipt or BOL (Bill of Lading) and contact us for a replacement product and we will handle all delivery damages with the delivery company.

Accept the Order. If you choose to Accept the Order, take pictures and write, "Damaged" on the delivery receipt or BOL (Bill of Lading) We will send you replacement parts or missing parts and will handle all delivery damages with the delivery company.

However, if you accept damaged goods without writing "DAMAGED" on the BOL, we'll do our best, but we're unlikely to be able to help you.

Can I pick up my playhouse?

Yes, you are welcome to pick up your package at our warehouse in Largo, Florida.


Do you offer financing options?

Yes, we do! We offer financing options via ShopPay. It's also possible to use Amazon Pay, a service that allows you to use payment methods already linked to your Amazon account.

Shop Pay gives you the option to pay for your entire purchase at checkout, or split your purchase into regular payments with Shop Pay instalments.

You can view a sample ShopPay payment plans next to each product by clicking on the "View sample payment plans" link. It is also possible to view and select the ShopPay finance and payment plan at the checkout.

How to use ShopPay financing?

If you would like to use ShopPay credit to make a purchase, please select ShopPay on the product page or in the checkout payment options. From there, ShopPay will guide you through the payment process.


Can I cancel my order & get my deposit back?

Cancellation terms depend on the type of the purchase and if the order has been already processed or shipped out. Please see our Cancellation Policy in Returns & Refunds.

Can I return my playhouse?

If you are not satisfied with your playhouse, you can return it in its original package along with all the original parts and accessories within 14 days from the delivery date. You can request an exchange or refund. Please see our Returns & Refunds policies first to know which conditions apply for your return.

Can I get my money back?

Refunds are made in several cases, but not in all (for example, you will not be refunded for a house that you have used, damaged or painted). Please visit our Returns & Refunds policies page to see if your case is refunded or not.


Do I need a building permit for the playhouse?

Often a building permit is not necessary, but to be sure, we advise you to check with your local building authority and home owners association (HOA).

Where do I get the documents required by my HOA?

If you are required to supply technical drawings or apply for a building permit, we are happy to help you! As every situation is different, please contact us by phone at 800-660-4430 or by email at