The Outdoor Playhouse Production Process

Kids choose the wooden material for kids wooden playhouse


Our playhouse production process starts with the selection of the best suitable playhouse materials. All of our kids playhouses are made of premium nordic spruce because of its even texture, providing the perfect base for our beautiful paints, its strength, ensuring long-term durability of the playhouse, and its light weight which makes the assembly and disassembly of the playhouse easier for you. Then, every playhouse needs a roof – our outdoor playhouses are topped with metal roofs and indoor playhouses with plywood roofs. We use white coated metal roofs for our outdoor playhouses to reduce the heating effect from the hot summer sun and we also just like the white roof during rainy and dark autumn days – it gives a bit of extra spark to your backyard.

Now that we have the best suitable wood for our kids playhouses, we need to find the best paint for the playhouse. Besides doing numerous tests to ensure that our outdoor playhouses will endure all elements from hot sun to heavy rains and freezing cold without losing its color, we also required all our paints to be nature friendly. It took some time, but we are very proud to say that our playhouses are colored with nature friendly and long-lasting water-based paints! Lastly, to ensure the safety of our and your kids in even the most energetic games, we use only safety glass windows in our outdoor playhouses and screens for our indoor playhouses.


Before the first cuts and treatments are made, the exact wood planks used for our playhouses are handpicked by our head foreman. Then, we paint the wall boards and prepare the frame materials for the wall panels. After the paint has dried, two of us together assemble the kids playhouse wall panels, which you can then erect in just a few minutes at your home. As our playhouses are designed to be the place for free play and joy, we take extra care with pressure treating our floor panels and lacquer them so that kids can run and jump around for as long as they have energy! Pressure treating and our way of prefabricating all of our wooden playhouse panels also ensures that irrespective of your living environment, the highest level of stability of all wooden elements is achieved, ensuring a long and beautiful lifetime of your indoor or outdoor playhouse.

After walls and floor, the roof panels are made and we have something that is starting to look like a kids playhouse! Dependent on the playhouse model, windows and doors are cut along with the decoration details. The latter is quite an extensive step for our indoor playhouse models because we did not hold ourselves back during the design process – we love the many details that make the indoor playhouses look like a part of a fairy tale or big adventure!

Black and White Farm Style Wooden Playhouse with Custom Playhouse builer by WholeWoodPlayhouses
A craftsman makes windows for Kids Outdoor Playhouse by WholeWoodPlayhouses


The playhouse window and door frames along with details and matching kids furniture sets are painted together. While waiting for the paint to dry off, we work on the inside parts of your future playhouse – lacquering the loft, safety border and the ladder leading to the loft. We want to make sure that the coziest spot of the wooden playhouse is nicely finished, leaving no chance for splinters. Once everything has dried off, we add the newly ready windows, doors and decorations. To finalize the playhouse walls with windows, we attach wooden curtain rails and, except for Natural Wonder, also with handmade matching curtains.

Now that everything is ready, final checks for details, integrity and safety are made. After ticking all the boxes, the playhouse is packed. To make sure that you can unpack your new playhouse easily, quickly and safely, we pack all the playhouse panels separately, allowing you to open the package up one panel at a time.

We are firm believers that as with baking, a touch of love is what makes the dish delicious, a touch of love is also the most important component in every kids playhouse. That is why we complete every production process with care and incorporate handcrafted details. As our production process ends, your kids playhouse assembly and fun starts – we hope that you will enjoy it every step of the way!


 Outside of kids playhouse Arctic Nario |white outdoor playhouse by WholeWoodPlayhouses
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 Yellow kids playhouse Sunshine with white roof, wooden terrace and white wooden fence
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Kids playhouse Unicorn with pink and white panels
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