Playhouse Blog

  • Wooden Playhouse Preparations for Spring

    Have you stored your wooden playhouse away for winter or has it been in use outside? In both cases, spring is a good time to check your wooden playhouse and give it some love and maintenance to keep it looking brand new longer! What should you look out for and what can you do for your wooden playhouse? Read all about it in our blog!
  • 7 Activities That Will Get Your Kids Outdoors

    What kind of activities can you offer your kids to get them outdoor? Have a look at what we think will get them outdoors. A small clue: it includes activities around playhouses, swings sets and the like.
  • DIY Playhouse - What to Consider When Buying a DIY Wooden Playhouse

    Everything you need to consider when buying a DIY playhouse kit - which type of wooden playhouse, where to put your new playhouse, how to assemble a DIY playhouse, financing options and much more!
  • Decorating Your Home and Wooden Playhouse for Christmas

    A wooden playhouse can bring incredible joy to your kid during Christmas time. Read more in our blog how you can decorate give your kids lots of fun and raise Christmas spirit with decorating their outdoor playhouse, hosting a Christmas party in their playhouse and much more!
  • Should You Choose a Plastic or Wooden Playhouse for your Kids?

    Wooden playhouses are more aesthetic, easier to maintain and last longer, but plastic playhouses are often cheaper. Wooden playhouse production is more sustainable, wooden playhouses can be recycled and do not contain harmful chemicals for kids and planet.
  • Kids Playhouses: Do your kids need one?

    Learn about the advantages of kids playhouses: easier bed-time routines, improved sleep, increased cognitive and physical development are only a few of the advantages that an outdoor playhouse can have on your kids! Read what recognised specialists advise for your kids health and happiness.