How Long Does an Outdoor Wooden Playhouse Last?

You have finally decided to shop for a wooden playhouse for your kids. Now, you want to ensure you are investing in a long-lasting playhouse. The last thing you want is a playhouse that only lasts a few months to a year, especially when the right playhouse can last your kiddo well into their teenage years, or even older.

Luckily, there are many outdoor playhouses that are made of high-quality materials. The key is to find those durable playhouses, and then, learn everything you can about the product.

With this post, you can learn everything about the lifespan of a playhouse, as well as how to get the most out of your kids playhouse.

How Long Does an Outdoor Wooden Playhouse Last?

A playhouse made of quality materials should last for many years, maybe even over a decade. Some teenagers turn the playhouse they had as a young kid into a personal retreat.

For example, some kids may have their playhouse from the time they are four years old until they turn 16 or 17 years old, which is around 12 or 13 years. With the right care, their playhouse may even last longer.

Once again, rather than only answer the question as to how long a wooden playhouse lasts, we want to shed more light on the materials, how to increase the lifespan of your kids playhouse, and the benefits of taking care of the playhouse.


Decorated 2storey Wooden Outdoor Kids Playhouse with porch, climbing wall and slide by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Princess

Playhouse Prince

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Common Materials Used for Outdoor Wooden Playhouses

One way to get an idea of how long a kids playhouse can last is to look at the materials used for it. Then, you can research the actual materials and how long they usually last.

Nordic Spruce Solid Wood

From the Arctic Nario to the Little Cottage, all outdoor playhouses and DIY playhouse kits are made of Nordic spruce solid wood. With proper care, Nordic spruce is very durable and resistant to rotting, and it can be used for indoor and outdoor structures.

Painted and Treated

A pre-made outdoor playhouse has already been painted with natural water-based colors and treated with wood preservatives. This way, you can rest assured your kids playhouse is weatherproof. The DIY playhouses are unpainted and untreated, so it is important to paint and treat the playhouse with the appropriate products.

Playhouses that have been painted and treated with the right products are sure to last for years to come, and this is because the treatment helps the wood become resistant to rain, snow, sun, and wind.


Playhouse Grand Farmhouse

White Outdoor Playhouse with white roof and white flower boxes on green lawn by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Arctic Nario

Gray Color Wooden Playhouse With Open Windows, Whitw Flower Boxes and Black Roof By WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Boy Cave

Metal Roof

As for the roof of an outdoor playhouse, a metal roof is in place to create a comfortable, weather-resistant space for your kids. You need to add the roofing material to a DIY playhouse, and of course, a metal roof is recommended to ensure the playhouse stays intact for many years.

Weather-Tight Safety Glass Windows

The windows of the kids outdoor playhouses are made of weather-tight safety glass, which can withstand various conditions and last for several decades.

Eco-Friendly and Plastic Free

All playhouses are completely plastic-free to bring you an eco-friendly product for your kids. You can also take comfort in knowing your kids are playing inside a sturdy, toxic-free playhouse. Plus, you have the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing playtime.


Outdoor Wooden DIY Playhouse Kit with wooden flower boxes, window shutters and covered porch by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Lodge

2- story Wooden DIY Playhouse Kit with flower boxes and the gable roof with dormer windows by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Farmhouse

Outdoor Wooden DIY Playhouse Kit with wooden terrace by WholeWoodPlayhouses Smiling boy at the window of a white wooden playhouse with flower boxes by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Chalet

How to Make an Outdoor Wooden Playhouse Last For Years

Overall, an outdoor wooden playhouse can last for several decades, but you need to ensure you are accurately building and maintaining the playhouse. You can think of this section as a checklist for ensuring you are taking care of your kids playhouse.

Choose a Sturdy Playhouse

Of course, you want to start by choosing a solid playhouse. You never have to worry with WholeWoodPlayhouses because all playhouses are sturdy and durable, from the Little Hideaway to the Blackbird. The playhouses also come with instructions, a list of parts, nails, and screws to make assembly easier.

Follow the Assembly Instructions

Skipping a step or not reading the instructions carefully can result in a faulty playhouse. This is why it is important to thoroughly read and follow the instructions. To keep the assembly simple, the instructions come in a step-by-step format. In addition, you want to check the list of parts to ensure you have everything you need. Do not try to assemble the playhouse without all the necessary parts.

Paint and Treat the DIY Playhouses

If you order a DIY outdoor playhouse, you need to paint and treat the wood, so it withstands the weather. You especially need to treat the playhouse before placing it in or near the garden. Once your playhouse has been painted and treated, you can take comfort in knowing it is going to last for years. Remember, the pre-made outdoor playhouses have already been painted and treated.

Keep the Inside Clean

While the playhouses are made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials, you never want an infestation to put a damper on your kids fun. Even if the wood is resistant to pests, you still want to avoid an infestation of termites or other pests around or inside the playhouse. Therefore, you want to ensure your kid keeps the inside clean and tidy, and as stated, the DIY playhouse wood should be treated before the first use.

Mind the Weight Capacity

Your kid can use playhouses such as the Prince, Princess, and Farmhouse as a tween and teen, but it is still important to stay within the weight capacity. This also includes their belongings. It is best to check the weight capacity of the playhouse before placing an order to ensure it works for your family. Going over the weight capacity can lead to a damaged playhouse and a risk of injuries.

Regularly Inspect the Playhouse

The playhouses are designed to last for years, but it never hurts to perform regular inspections of the interior and exterior. You want to look for signs of wear or damage, even if you are completely sure there are no issues. If you do find any damage, even small gaps or cracks, be sure to make the necessary repairs immediately.

Benefits of a Taking Care of an Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

To some people, an outdoor playhouse is just a toy that stays in the backyard. They may even forget about the maintenance after painting and treating it. However, there are many benefits of taking the time to maintain your kids playhouse.

Keeps Your Kids Safe

A sturdy, well-built playhouse keeps your kids safe during playtime for many years. This is why it is important to check the weight capacity, learn about the materials, and follow the assembly instructions. You also need to regularly clean and inspect the playhouse to prevent future issues.

Lasts for Many Years

When you take the time to properly build and maintain your kids playhouse, it is certain to last for many years. Additionally, you do not have to worry about any tears or heartbroken kids because their playhouse did not last long. Instead, you have years of laughter and playtime ahead of you.

Lasts for Older Kids

A playhouse that lasts for years can be transformed into a space for tweens and teenagers. They are sure to enjoy turning an outdoor playhouse, such as the Grand Farmhouse, into their personal retreat for reading, homework, and hanging out with friends.

Lasts for Younger Kids

If you have multiple kids, your older kids may be willing to pass their playhouse down to their younger siblings. This means the playhouse needs to last until your older kids outgrow it and your younger kids are ready for it. Fortunately, you can find durable, high-quality playhouses that last through several siblings.

Awesome for Making Memories

A long-lasting kids playhouse is an awesome place to make memories, such as pretend-play adventures, tea parties, and sleepovers. Even older kids want to invite their friends over to unwind, play games, and listen to music. If you want your kids to enjoy the memories that come with their playhouse, you need to ensure it lasts for years.

Great Investment for You

Of course, you also need to consider the amount you spend on the playhouse. You never want to pay for something that is not built to withstand the rigors of children at play. The good news is that companies, such as WholeWoodPlayhouses and its Outdoor Playhouse Collection, are made with strong, eco-friendly materials and are built to last! Ordering a playhouse designed to last for years is a great investment for both you and your family.

Wooden Outdoor Playhouses are Meant to Last for Years

A reliable company would never sell wooden playhouses that are not meant to last for years. They want to ensure their customers are satisfied with the finished product. However, it still never hurts to research a product before adding it to your cart. You need to ensure it is made of high-quality materials with easy-to-follow instructions and sturdy construction.

Looking for a long-lasting playhouse from a trusted company, order your kids playhouse from WholeWoodPlayhouses. You can browse a wide range of top-quality outdoor, DIY, and custom playhouses on the official website.

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Playhouse Contryside

Playhouse Farmhouse