Quick Whole Wood Playhouses FAQs

Whole Wood Playhouses is a family-owned company that produces handcrafted outdoor playhouses for kids. Our goal is to provide your kids with hours of playtime and imagination as they make memories that last a lifetime.

Part of the excitement is putting together the wooden playhouse, especially when parents and kids can assemble the playhouse together. However, work and school schedules can put a damper on the fun, as it becomes difficult to find the time to assemble the playhouse.

The solution? A quick assembly process with wooden panels, necessary materials, and easy-to-follow instructions. The idea came from a busy father who wanted to build a playhouse for his daughter but never had the opportunity. Now, he wants to give other parents the chance to build something special for their kids. Thanks to Whole Wood Playhouses, most families can assemble an outdoor playhouse in just a few hours.

Our outdoor playhouses come in a range of styles, from small hideaways to tower-like homes. Some come with just the playhouse, while others include swings and playsets. Inside each playhouse is a loft, furniture, and plenty of space to play.

Frequently Asked Questions about Whole Wood Playhouses Outdoor Collection

As a parent, you probably have a range of questions about the outdoor playhouses, delivery, and assembly. After all, you want to know what to expect when adding a playhouse to your backyard. We want to answer as many questions as possible. This way, you have peace of mind when ordering and assembling your kids playhouse.

How long does it take to receive the playhouse?

The delivery time depends on the playhouse itself and whether a swing or playset is included. However, the estimated delivery time is one to two weeks. You can find out for sure by checking the expected delivery time above the "add to cart" button on the product page.

Once your payment has cleared, your order is processed and shipped from our Tampa warehouse within 24 to 48 hours. The delivery time is only during business days, which are Monday through Friday.

"A child’s smile is the beginning of love, hope, and dreams."
- Kenneth Branagh

Can the playhouse withstand the snow and other weather conditions?

All outdoor playhouses have been finished with weatherproof paint colors and wood preservatives, plus they include weather-tight safety glass windows and metal roofing. Therefore, our playhouses are ideal for snowy days as well as rain, wind, hail, and sun. For ongoing durability, it is recommended to reapply the playhouse terrace once a year.

Can I put A/C in the outdoor playhouse?

Yes, you can place a small-space unit or portable unit inside the playhouse. Of course, you need to run the air conditioner from a nearby outlet, such as your house or a shed. Placing an air conditioner inside the playhouse allows your kiddo to enjoy their space during the summer, when they may need to stay indoors because of the heat.


 Yellow Wooden Playhouse Sunshine with a wooden terrace with white railing by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Sunshine

Wooden Playhouse Snowy Owl with black trims, wooden terrace and flower boxes in the garden by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Snowy Owl

Kids Wooden Playhouse Boy Cave With Black Metal Roof, Grey Walls and Red Half Glass Door in a backyard By WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Boy Cave

What is included in the outdoor playhouse package?

The package includes everything you need to build an outdoor playhouse. Here is a list of the contents.

- Playhouse assembly manual
- Lacquered solid wood floor panel
- Front side panel with pre-drilled screws
- Two interchangeable side panels with pre-drilled screws
- Back side panel with pre-drilled screws
- Torx 25 head for your drill
- Two metal-top roof panels
- Roof ridge gap
- Building and safety elements
- Terrace with fence
- Roof ridge gap
- Playhouse furniture: bench, table, and two chairs
- Furniture assembly manual and screws
- Loft floor with a ladder and safety fence
- Loft supports
- Building and safety elements
- Terrace
- Flower boxes and railing for the terrace are included only in the models that have the items in their original design.

Fully Finished Kids Playhouse layout on lawn in backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

The front side panel includes a small door, two opening windows, curtain rails, and curtains, as well as attachments for the flower boxes.

One side panel features a large door, while the other side panel includes a safety glass window and a curtain rail.


Wooden DIY Playhouse Kit on stilts and covered porch on white backround by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Bungalow

2- story Wooden DIY Playhouse Kit with dormer windows and wooden flower boxes by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Farmhouse

What is the package size of the playhouse?

Your outdoor playhouse is delivered in a 100”x 42"x 82"(L x W x H) package, and it weighs anywhere from around 600 pounds to 1,800 pounds. The pieces can be unpacked one at a time to ensure simple assembly and maximum safety.

Kids Playhouse inside view by WholeWoodPlayhouses
Two Outdoor Playhouse Packages by WholeWoodPlayhouses

What happens if my kids playhouse arrives damaged?

Unfortunately, packages can become damaged during transit. If you notice any visible damage, please take one of the following two actions.

The first option is to refuse the order, but you need to take pictures and write "Damaged" on the delivery receipt or Bill of Lading (BOL). Contact us, and we will handle the rest and send a replacement.

You can also accept the order, but you still need to take pictures and write "Damaged" on the delivery receipt or Bill of Lading. From there, we will send the replacement or missing parts and take care of the delivery.

Please keep in mind that it is harder for us to help you without writing "Damaged" on the delivery receipt or Bill of Lading. We will try our best to accommodate you, but it is best to follow the above instructions upon contacting us.

Do I need a permit to build my kids outdoor playhouse?

You do not need a building permit for a playhouse, but it never hurts to check the local rules and regulations with your building authority or homeowners association (HOA). This way, you have a clear answer on permits before purchasing and assembling your kids playhouse.

Do I need to prepare a foundation for the playhouse?

It is recommended to prepare a foundation to ensure the stability and durability of the outdoor playhouse. The foundation needs a stable, level base, such as concrete slabs, lightweight construction blocks, or plastic adjustable supports. Furthermore, your foundation should be no smaller than the minimum size of the playhouse's surface. You can also use a hard surface such as your porch, patio, or deck as the foundation.

Are the instructions easy to follow?

Our instruction manual is written in a step-by-step format to ensure it is easy to follow. We also offer an assembly video on our official website, allowing you to get a better idea of how to put together the playhouse.

How long does it take to assemble the wooden playhouse?

The panel system and easy-to-follow instructions make it possible to assemble the outdoor wooden playhouse in less than three hours.

Father and son put a flower box in the playhouse by WholeWoodPlayhouses

What are the outdoor playhouses made of?

The outdoor playhouses are made of solid Nordic spruce wood with weather-tight safety glass windows and metal roofs.

What is the weight capacity of the outdoor playhouse and furniture?

The recommended weight capacity for the kids playhouse is 110 pounds, while the recommended weight capacity for the playhouse furniture is 70 pounds. It is important to use your best judgment when purchasing a playhouse for your family.


Decorated 2storey Wooden Outdoor Playhouse with porch, climbing wall and slide by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Princess

Modern farmhouse style Wooden Playhouse with Gambrel roof and wooden porch with railing by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Grand Farmhouse

Decorated Wooden Outdoor Playhouse with flower boxes and teracce with white railing in the backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Bluebird

What is the recommended age range for the playhouses?

The recommended age is 3 to 14 for some playhouses and just 3 and up for other playhouses. It is best to check the package before placing an order. While older kids and teenagers can enjoy the playhouses, it is important to keep the recommended weight capacity in mind.

Can my toddler spend time in the playhouse with their siblings?

We want all kids to feel safe in our playhouses. Therefore, it is recommended to supervise your young kids, especially babies and toddlers, in the playhouse, especially if you decide to leave the loft ladder in place.

 Boy playing with a puzzle at the table by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Can I leave the wooden playhouse furniture outside?

Yes, you can leave the furniture for the pre-made wooden playhouses outside, as they have been painted and treated with weatherproof products. While you may prefer to leave the furniture inside the playhouse after playtime, you can take comfort in knowing these pieces will not be ruined if they are left outside.


Wooden DIY Playhouse with flower boxes and porch on white backround by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Cottage

Wooden DIY Playhouse with loft and flower boxes by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Clubhouse

Can I remove the loft and the wooden stairs for accessing the loft?

Of course, you can add and remove the stairs to the loft as you please. Some parents choose to remove the wooden stairs until their kids are old enough to use it, while some parents remove the ladder and loft as their kids get older to create more space.

Can I open the windows of the kids playhouse?

It is absolutely possible to open the windows to let in some fresh air and natural light. You can rest assured the windows are made of safety glass to create a secure space for your kids.

Can I order a custom playhouse? 

Absolutely! We offer the opportunity to choose the size, shape, color, structures, and whether their playhouse is elevated. Your kiddo may have a specific playhouse style in mind, and we'll do our best to bring their vision to life. Sometimes, your kid only wants to customize certain elements, such as the color, doors, or roof, so you can choose all or just a few customizations for an extra fee.

Contact us for additional questions or comments

While this is only a portion of the frequently asked questions, we hope the answers give you an idea of what to expect when ordering one of our playhouses. We are pleased to answer any additional questions that may be on your mind.

If you would like to learn more about Whole Wood Playhouses, browse the selection of outdoor playhouses, or read the complete FAQ, be sure to visit our official website.

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Written by WholeWoodPlayhouses


Wooden Playhouse with White Walls, Black Roof and Flower boxes by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Arctic Auk

2-Story Wooden Playhouse with 2 slides, sand box and cozy porch in the backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Prince

Pink Outdoor Playhouse Unicorn with white metal roof and white doors on green lawn in a backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Unicorn