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  • There is no Such Thing as Bad Weather When You Have a Playhouse

    Why it is important for kids to spend as much time as possible outside in any weather? How can you do that with a wooden playhouse? How an outdoor playhouse can contribute to kids healthy development.
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  • How to Design Your Custom Playhouse

    How to design your own custom playhouse? Check our foolproof guide to create your own custom playhouse. Find tips for designing your own custom playhouse in this blog post.
  • How Big Should a Kids Playhouse Be?

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  • The History of Kids Playhouses

    Discover the history of kids playhouses. Read our blog to find out interesting facts about playhouses and how kids role-play has affected our history.
  • Valentines Day Makeover for Your Outdoor Playhouse

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    How to create the winter wonderland in your backyard and how to turn your wooden playhouse into the headquarters of winter fun!
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    How to create holiday spirit and magical Christmas for your kids with a wooden playhouse? Read more in our blog how develop kids creativity and create family traditions for Christmas time. Here are 5 simple ways to bring the season to life on your backyard.
  • Is My Backyard Suitable for a Playhouse? Five Things to Consider Before Getting Your Outdoor Playhouse

    What to consider when you are looking for an outdoor playhouse for your kids? Use our guide to make sure that your backyard is perfectly suitable for a wooden playhouse and safe for your kids.