Playhouses for Smaller Backyards. Is My Backyard too Small for a Playhouse?

Size really does not matter when it comes to having fun. Kids imagination is a powerful tool that is not weighed down by stereotypes and negative experiences that adults have.

An imaginative play can broaden the horizons and create whole Universes, turning a thing as small and simple as a cardboard box into a spaceship, a lunar laboratory, or a castle.

Therefore, if you as asking whether your kid may have as much fun in smaller outdoor playhouses, don't worry; they will.

However, shopping for smaller outdoor constructions and especially playhouses may be pretty challenging. It seems like most brands and manufacturers are competing today, offering their customers those insane outdoor constructions that are, in fact, not much smaller than the actual houses.

In this article, we shall talk about the things you should focus on looking for a wooden playhouse for your smaller backyard and ways to organize your kids outdoor play area no matter how big or small your backyard may be.

A Playhouse That Fits Your Backyard – How to Measure?

There are several things that you may need to consider choosing the perfect size of a playhouse:

  • How much space do you want to allocate to the play zone? – one kid really does not need a lot of space to play. But if you have several kids, a spacious play zone will prevent a lot of accidents and fighting during playtime;
  • What else do you do in your backyard? – while some parents are ready to turn their entire backyard into a play zone, others may pursue some outdoor hobbies of their own and therefore need to zone the space correctly to keep their gardening, carpentering, etc. on a safe distance from running kids;
  • How old are your kids? – while small kids will always prefer to spend their days on swings and climbing walls, young teenagers tend to be more "indoorsy" and will appreciate the privacy of the playhouse itself over the outdoor facilities. In other words, a small tower with a slide and sandbox will work great for younger kids, while the older ones would rather prefer a Little Bungalow that actually takes the same floor space.

There are several rules you want to observe measuring the area available for a playhouse:

  • For safety and maintenance purposes, make sure you leave at least 1 foot between the wall of your kids playhouse and other constructions, benches, flowerbeds, etc.;
  • If you are getting a playhouse with a swing or slide, the measurements should be based on the amplitude of the swing, and the distance between the slide and other objects in your backyard is safe for kids to land safely.
"Give children toys that are powered by their imagination, not by batteries. "
-H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

What Kind of Outdoor Playhouse Should I Choose for a Smaller Yard?

Having a smaller space, you often have to be extra creative to get the most out of it. And while the market seems to be full of different playhouses of various sizes and shapes, there is a big chance you will need to customize yours; adjust the stairs, railings, and other parts to make it fit perfectly.

Not to mention the fact that kids usually grow much faster than we expect them. It means that soon enough, you may need to adjust or remodel the playhouse according to your kids new demands.

From this point, wooden playhouses are the best option. They are easily customizable. You can order a wooden playhouse according to your own measurements from the very beginning or easily adjust it as your kids grow.

It is very easy to repaint wooden playhouses, place shelves, and decorate the walls, changing the style and interior any time you want.

Wooden playhouses are made out of all-natural, eco-friendly materials that don't contain any toxins, let the air flow naturally inside the playhouse, and adjust to the temperatures protecting your kids from overheating or freezing inside the playhouse all year round.

In other words, if you are looking for a durable, customizable playhouse that can easily be adjusted and will serve your family for many years, a wooden playhouse is the best choice, especially for the smaller backyards that may need you to be more creative with your outdoor constructions.


 Blue Outdoor Playhouse Bluebird with white roof, wooden terrace and white wooden railing by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Bluebird

2- story Wooden Playhouse with pink slide, wooden terrace and flower boxes by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Princess

In fact, your outdoor playhouse options may be wider than you think if you have a smaller yard. Depending on your kids age, how many do you have, and what kind of games they prefer, you may choose between elevated tower wooden playhouses, bungalows, or small cabins.

All of them are built the way that you can save a lot of space, placing several climbing options, a swing, or a sandbox on an area as little as 12 sq feet.

If you have young and active kids, your little ninjas will definitely appreciate a Tiny Tower wooden playhouse set that may contain a small bungalow, a climbing wall, a slide, and a sandbox on just 12 square feet. If you have some more available space, you can add a swing set with a rope ladder to make your kids play area even more exciting.

The Best Outdoor Playhouse Options for a Smaller Backyard

If there is no area to run around the playhouse, add climbers to the walls, a rope monkey net, or a jungle gym. Those simple yet exciting climbing facilities almost don't take any space at all and are perfect for keeping active kids busy all day long and helping them burn extra energy.

Such elevated tower wooden playhouses also offer lots of customization options. As your kids grow and may prefer playing inside the playhouse, overspending their days on the swings, you can easily turn the sandbox area into a ground floor or remove the swing set and build an extension room on the side instead.

If you know that your kids are planning to turn their playhouses into their own art workshops or science labs, want to start a home theatre, or use it as a headquarters for their secret organization, a bungalow playhouse or a Little Hideaway  would be a great choice for a small backyard.

They take somewhere from 26 to 36 sq feet of floor space and, just like any wooden playhouse, offer endless opportunities for customization.

However, if your backyard is likely to get flooded and there is no possibility to redesign the landscape and draw water away from the kids playhouse, an elevated bungalow might be a better and safer choice for you.

Elevated playhouses are also a great idea for small backyards as they allow you to still use the ground under the playhouse. You can arrange a flowerbed there, place a kiddo swimming pool in the summer or build a snow fortress in the winter or even arrange the area as a summer pen for chickens, bunnies, or guinea pigs if you are looking for a farmhouse experience.

Corner playhouses are another great option for small backyards that allow you to save space while building an epic play area for your kids. Such playhouses are custom-made according to your measurements.

Any way you look at it, there are lots of wooden playhouse options for all kinds of back yards and children of all ages. With the proper approach and assistance of experience playhouse builders, you may be surprised with the actual capacity of your backyard and the entertainment options it may offer to the whole family.

And while wooden playhouses are the best choice for small backyards as they offer endless customization options, it is still essential to address professionals who will help you make your outdoor playhouse safe, comfortable, and functional for kids of all ages.

Getting an outdoor playhouse is a great idea, and the fact that you have a small backyard does not mean that you will have to deprive your family of the endless fun and bonding experiences playhouses provide.

With a bit of creativity and imagination and professional assistance from experts in the field of designing and building wooden playhouses, you will be able to turn any backyard into a fun and exciting play zone that will become the centre of magnetism for the whole family.

Not to mention the fact that if a small backyard is often considered a disadvantage of a property, adding a well-planned playhouse will instantly boost the value of your real estate.

A kids playhouse is not just a wooden shed in your backyard. For your kids, it is an endless world of possibilities, a whole imaginative universe, and the place they can make their adventurous spirits thrive. Modern outdoor playhouses can be modified and adjusted with numerous climbing facilities, customization options, and creative solutions that make every wooden playhouse unique, original, and most suitable for any family with any kind of backyard.

"We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play."
- Charles E. Schaefer

Written by WholeWoodPlayhouses


Yellow Wooden  Playhouse with white doors and roof by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Sunshine

Kids Outdoor Wooden Playhouse Boy Cave With Black Metal Roof, Grey Walls and Red Half Glass Door By WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Boy Cave

Pink Wooden Playhouse Unicorn with white doors and wooden terrace on green lawn in a backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Unicorn