Custom Playhouse Order by Grandparents – a Place for Fun and Bonding

What can be more fun than visiting your grandparents who live in the countryside? Well, it is pretty much fun in the summer, when the sun is shining, and you can run outdoors all day long. It is fun during the holiday season when the snow covers everything, and you may wake up in the morning and find yourself in the Whoville.

But, let's admit it, when it is all rainy and muddy, there is not much to do for kids in the countryside. Especially if these kids grow up in the city, parents may also be reluctant to send their kids to the countryside during fall and early spring, afraid that their kids, who are used to the warmth and comfort of their living rooms, may catch a cold or simply get bored since there won't be too much to do during the rainy seasons.

And fairly, grandparents have the same concerns. But at the same time, they want to bond and spend more time with their grandchildren. Time really flies, and those cute toddlers will turn into teenagers and adults in the blink of an eye. And when grandparents live further than a short driving distance from their children, bonding with grandkids can be a real challenge.

When John and Mary ordered their custom playhouse, they thought it would be a nice and fun addition to their farm and entertainment for their grandchildren. Little did they know that their outdoor playhouse became an ultimate center of gravity for the whole family, giving them a chance to bond and build happy lifetime memories.

"A grandparent is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend."
- Unknown

The Family Gets Reacquainted

Every grandparent knows how hard it may be to track kids` interests and passions and see their development. Especially if you live apart from them, even parents who bring those kids up in their houses and observe them every day may find it hard to say what is the trendiest cartoon, band, or video game right now.

However, each kid is a separate personality with their own vision and character. When John and Mary ordered their custom playhouse, they tried to match the color pattern and design to their property and their grandkids` taste. However, when the kids arrived and got thrilled with the idea that they now have their own tiny farmhouse, they also had several design remarks.


Wooden DIY Playhouse Kit with wooden flower boxes and covered porch by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Lodge

2- story  Wooden DIY Playhouse Kit with the gable roof with dormer windows by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Farmhouse

Wooden DIY Playhouse Kit with wooden terrace by WholeWoodPlayhouses Smiling boy at the window of a white wooden playhouse with flower boxes by WholeWoodPlayhouses

DIY Playhouse Kit Little Chalet

It was a great opportunity for the grandparents to learn about kids` current tastes and passions. When they were researching DIY décor projects for the custom playhouse, choosing posters to decorate the walls, and arranging the toy furniture and pillows inside the outdoor playhouse, they felt like they were getting reacquainted with their own grandkids.

At the same time, they had a chance to share their visions, opinions, and experience with the kids, introduce them to tools and materials that would help them decorate their wooden playhouse, and speak about their own childhood memories without the fear of someone getting overwhelmed or bored in the process.

Establishing Family Traditions

Who can teach and encourage family traditions better than grandparents? They can remember the small holidays and celebrations they had in their own families growing up and suggest re-enacting them with their grandchildren, bringing those cherished memories back to life.

An outdoor playhouse is a perfect scene for this thrilling adventure. First of all, it helped John and Mary to encourage their grandkids to leave their gadgets behind and go spend more time outdoors. And then the whole family just went with the flow.

Mary remembered how she and her family celebrated the first harvest every year, baking homemade bread and inviting their neighbors for a warm tasting party. Apparently, their “suburban” grandkids had no idea that you can bake a loaf of bread at home!

Needless to say, it was a thrilling adventure for the whole family to prepare the dough, bake their first loaf together, and then invite neighborhood kids to their very own bakery they established in their wooden playhouse.

From now on, baking home bread is one of the kids` favorite memories and the thing they anticipate most coming to visit their grandparents` farm again.

This new family tradition didn't end up with one bakery party in an outdoor playhouse. Looking for recipes on the Internet and redecorating the playhouse all the time, kids have been turning it into a candy factory, a doughnut shop, and an ice-cream tasting restaurant, making friends with next-door kids.

It became a new family tradition, and today, the grandparents anticipate and debate before every visit what their wooden playhouse will become this time and what new skills and recipes they will learn together with the grandkids.

The Great Outdoors

As we have already mentioned, playing all day outdoors long might be the best thing about visiting your grandparents at their farm. But when the weather is not that nice, the perspective of being stuck in the house during long and muddy rainy days looks less attractive, and therefore grandkids come to visit much less often.

The wooden playhouse has changed it for John, Mary, and their grandkids entirely! From now on, even if it is rainy or windy, kids don't have to be stuck in the main house but can continue playing in their own space, invite friends over and have fun all year round!


White and black Wooden Playhouse Grand Farmhouse with Porch handmade porch railing by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Grand Farmhouse

Blue Wooden Playhouse with white roof and flower boxes on green lawn by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Bluebird

Pink Wooden Playhouse with wooden terrace with white railing by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Unicorn

It was a great learning opportunity also, as urban kids got a chance to learn about the weather, seasons, and their impacts. John explained to them how and why to winterize a house, protect a wooden playhouse from rain, snow, and sun, prepare for every new season and maintain their beloved tiny property.

This seemingly playful experience is, in fact, an extremely important development phase for kids that helps them see adults as positive authority figures, those who have some special knowledge and can pass it down to them.

But leaving the "educational" part aside, what can be more fun and cozier than sitting inside your wooden playhouse during a rainy or snowy day?

Shared Hobbies

We already talked about how the wooden playhouse helped John teach his grandkids about tools, home maintenance, etc.

Another knowledge and passion John and Mary managed to share with their grandkids with the help of the outdoor playhouse is gardening. At some point, it became an ultimate agriculture lab, where kids sprouted seeds, replanted flowers, and observed how the vegetables that they are used to seeing packed in a supermarket grow originally.

The custom playhouse got its true soul when in summer, they decorated it with small flower boxes and arranged small beds with carrots, cucumbers, and other vegetables around it.

Apparently, kids brought their new hobby with them home, and now their parents say that they spend much more time outdoors in their own house experimenting with seeds and sprouts in the backyard.

Custom Playhouses

2- story Wooden Playhouse with pink slide, wooden terrace and flower boxes by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Princess

For grandparents who are looking for a way to bond with their grandkids and see them around more often, an outdoor playhouse in the backyard is an opportunity to make this dream come true.

It is a chance to learn more about each other's interests and share experiences and memories while creating new ones. It is a perfect non-ultimate way to cut kids` screen time and spend more quality time with them as a family outdoors.

Having a wooden playhouse, kids get an opportunity to safely spend time outdoors all year round, learn about the weather and its impact, and discover ways to protect their precious playhouse from storms and burning sun. All the knowledge, skills, and experience kids can get at a farm come and get absorbed much easier once they are wrapped in the thrill of having your own custom playhouse!

A custom playhouse helped this family bond build new traditions and lifetime memories. Whether you decide to buy an outdoor playhouse as a toy for your kids or as a trendy décor element for the backyard, you can be sure that a wooden playhouse will be much more than you expect, help you discover new hobbies and thrills, and become an ultimate family member that will grow and change together with you, your kids and grandkids.

"Life is playfulness...We need to play so that we can rediscover…the magic all around us."
- Flora Colao

Written by WholeWoodPlayhouses


Black and white wooden playhouse with wooden terrace, white roof and round top window by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Snowy Owl

Yellow Outdoor Playhouse with Gambrel roof, wooden patio and white railing by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Sunny Sadie

Wooden Playhouse in white with blue decorations with covered porch and flower boxes by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Countryside