Which Playhouse to Buy

A Shopping Guide for the Best Wooden Playhouses

An outdoor playhouse is a great way to encourage your kids to spend less time with their gadgets and release their imagination and creativity playing with their friends and siblings in their own world.

It is also an opportunity for parents to come together with their kids, help them plan and decorate their wooden playhouses, play together, bond and create the happiest lifetime memories.

It is important to pick a proper outdoor playhouse for your kids. Although some might see it just as a toy, an outdoor playhouse is a place where your kids and their friends will spend a lot of time all year round. It should be safe, made out of non-toxic materials, and easy to maintain so you can have peace of mind that the kids stay safe and sound while having loads of fun.

The modern market offers lots of different models and variations of playhouses, from pretty basic pieces to ultimate miniature cottages. At the same time, your choice can depend on many factors, from the size of your property to your kids preferences and expectations from their outdoor playhouse.

Therefore, a kids playhouse that appeared perfect for your neighbors may not be the best variant for your family. At the same time, a quality outdoor playhouse is a pretty serious investment, and therefore you want it to last for many years, bringing joy to the whole family.

In this article, we decided to provide a shopping guide that will help you make an informed decision and choose the playhouse that will become a part of the sweetest childhood memories for your kids.

Why Choose a Wooden Playhouse?

If you are on the market for a kids playhouse, the first thing you may ask yourself is whether you should go for a wooden or a plastic outdoor playhouse.

Practice shows that wooden playhouses are the best choice for families that are looking for a quality, long-lasting playhouse that can easily be modified and redecorated and, therefore, will serve your kids for a long time – from early childhood to teenage years.

Modern wooden playhouses are made out of high-quality eco-friendly materials. Unlike plastic models, they don't harm the environment. Wood for our outdoor playhouses is sourced sustainable and does not contain any chemical add-ons and inclusions, remaining safe for your kids as well as the planet.

Another reason to choose a wooden playhouse is the fact that, unlike plastic, wood can withstand the change of temperatures, direct UV light, and elements. Wood is also a natural material that is more porous than plastic, meaning that wood breathes and thus regulates air and humidity. This allows your kids to feel more “fresh” in a wooden playhouse than in a plastic playhouse.

Last but not least is the customization options for your outdoor playhouse. Getting a wooden playhouse, you can change its design, color palette, and even size easily as your kids grow. You can paint wooden playhouses, hang pictures and shelves on their walls, add rooms, terraces, and other elements to your kids playhouse as you wish.

We handpick all of the wood for our playhouses and choose only from premium, extremely durable and light Nordic spruce wood. It does not contain any toxic coating and remains the most sustainable, eco-friendly, and healthy material for outdoor playhouses.

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions"
- Albert Einstein

What Kind of Outdoor Playhouse Do I Need?

Generally, it is the main question you should be asking when choosing an outdoor playhouse. A perfect kids playhouse is not only safe and comfortable for the kids, but it also fits your property and does not make your life too complicated with the necessary maintenance and arrangement of your backyard.

The price range is also important. You should consider that buying any outdoor playhouse, you will need to invest a certain amount of time, effort, and money in its further customization, decoration, and maintenance.

Getting your kids a gorgeous two-storey playhouse with balconies, terrace, slide, and monkey bars is definitely a great idea. But it also requires a lot of room in your backyard, which not all of us have. Thus, keep an open mind to different size and design options.

Of course, your choice of a wooden playhouse will depend on many different factors. After the playhouse has been assembled, you and your kids will definitely want to add some decorative elements and fill it wih the favorite toys. When kids have gotten older, you can always re-paint it, turn it into a home theatre, superhero lair, a library, or a cottage for Pyjama Parties.

We offer wooden playhouses of different size, structure, and price range so everyone can find a model that fits them perfectly. You can choose between entirely designed and colored Outdoor Playhouses or DIY Kits that will allow you to build and paint the wooden playhouse together with your kids.

  • Classic outdoor playhouses
  • Elevated playhouses


Kids Outdoor Playhouse Blackbird with Black Roof, Wooden Terrace and White Railing on the Backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Blackbird

Kids Playhouse Sunny Sadie with Gambrel roof | yellow Wooden Outdoor Playhouse with patio and railing by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Sunny Sadie

A Classic Outdoor Playhouse

It is the ultimate embodiment of any kid's dream – a miniature house that looks just like a big one but is adjusted and meant perfectly for kids.

Your kids can use it as a perfect place for make-believe imaginative play, tea parties, and fairy tale balls. Such playhouses make great locations for slumber parties or book clubs. Your kids will easily turn a classic wooden playhouse into a shop or toy hospital, a home theatre or science lab, an observatory or superheroes headquarters.

Outdoor playhouses with a terrace are great for growing plants in small flower boxes, stargazing on a warm summer night, or holding an outdoor birthday party.

Such a wooden playhouse can easily be customized for different holidays throughout the year, turned into a Santa's Cottage on Christmas or a Horror House on Halloween. They become perfect headquarters for egg hunters on Easter or the place where love lives on Valentines Day.

At WholeWoodPlayhouses, you can find your dream playhouse from two collections:

  • Outdoor Playhouses: a range of wooden playhouses that come in pre-finished and detailed panels. Depending on the playhouse model, the assembly can take as little as 1h! Perfect for a surprise :)
  • DIY Playhouse Kits: various DIY kits that can be assembled in a day and then be painted and finished with the whole family. DIY Playhouse Kits take longer before the playhouse is ready for play, but will give you the perfect chance for a fun family project :)

You can choose between different shapes and sizes of our wooden playhouses, with or without railing on the beautiful wooden terrace, with a classical roof or an overarching roof or even a two-storey model with enough place for several kids and their friends.

And the best thing about wooden playhouses is that if you don't find the exact model and color pattern that you like, you can always order a custom outdoor playhouse, a unique one that will fit your kids wildest fantasies and become their ultimate happy place.

Elevated Playhouses

These outdoor playhouses are a perfect variant for younger or more active kids who prefer playing outside. It is also a great solution if you don't have a very big backyard and want to get the most out of the available space.

An elevated wooden playhouse allows you to use the space under the playhouse as well. Having a smaller "living" area, they provide endless playground options with swings, monkey bars, rope ladders, etc.

You can place a sandbox under such a wooden playhouse, use the area as a parking lot for bicycles or scooters. It is a great idea to turn that place into a flower bed or a crops patch and introduce your kids to the wonders of plant growing.

Elevated kids playhouses are also a great variant for areas that may be affected by seasonal floods, heavy rainfall, or snowmelt. They are easy to maintain and provide endless customization options.

Such outdoor playhouses make great villains lairs and superhero headquarters, a well as fishermen's houses, observatories, or anything your kids may imagine.

They come in a convenient easy-to-build DIY set and can easily be customized according to your measurements, wish and goals.

Getting an outdoor playhouse is a great idea. But there are many things you need to consider to find the perfect kids playhouse for your family and household.

Above everything else, your playhouse should be safe and comfortable for kids as well as easy to maintain to serve them for many years providing endless fun and epic childhood memories.

Such playhouses are also a great investment into your property's value, an addition to your backyard that will make it a point of gravity for friends and family becoming a perfect location for kids parties and fun outdoor activities.

Contact us to learn more about the best outdoor playhouses, models, materials, and customization options that will let you make your kids dreams come true.

"Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder."
- E. B. White

Written by WholeWoodPlayhouses


Wooden Playhouse in red and white color with white fishbone door and wooden terrace in a backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Nordic Nario

Outdoor Wooden Playhouse in natural color with wooden terrace and flower boxes in a backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Natural Wonder

White and blue Wooden Playhouse with covered porch and doors with cornflower-shaped window in a backyard by WholeWoodPlayhouses

Playhouse Countryside